Why are you called Løre Originals?

Løre means “the collective knowledge that has been passed down through generations”. Although we are still young we have used the combined knowledge of the internationally acclaimed hairdressing team at Taylor Taylor London alongside perfumers and chemists to create an intentionally simplified range of hair care products. We believe that they will become Legends in their own right.

Are any Løre products derived from animals?

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that none of our ingredients are derived from animal or animal products and they never will be.

Do you test any of your products on animals?

We can confirm that we do not and will never test any of our products on animals. All of our testing is performed on willing human volunteers via our partnership with Taylor Taylor London.

A little known fact is that The European Union actually enforced a ban on the testing of the ingredients for cosmetic development in March 2009, although many of our ingredient suppliers stopped testing long before this time.

Why aren’t your products 100% natural?

Were possible Løre always uses natural ingredients but as our products must deliver on performance we are also proud to complement these with our choice of high performance scientific compounds. We have found that to achieve the optimum level of results most of our products are between 70% and 80% naturally occurring and between 5% and 15% naturally derived. We only use laboratory created ingredients to either enhance the performance of the naturals or where the natural ingredients simply can’t do the job on their own.

What is your sustainable packaging policy?

All of the Løre packaging is recyclable with the exception of the Løre Legend Treatment Sachet whic , despite our best efforts needs a non recyclable protective lining to keep the contents secure and safe. We are working on a solution to this as soon as we can. All of Løre products are concentrated so that a little really does go a long way to reducing packaging waste.

Where are Løre Products made?

All of Løre products and packaging have been designed, created and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Our partners all adhere to and exceed the requirements laid out by the Ethical Trading Initiative which covers categories such as safe and hygienic working conditions, payment on or above the living wage, provision of regular employment equal opportunities and rights to collective bargaining. Ingredients and Products

How do I store Løre products?

We would advise that all Løre products are stored in a cool environment and out of direct sunlight to ensure they maintain their freshness and efficacy. Due to the complex nature of our formulas some natural separation can occur when the product has been stored for some time; this can be easily solved by giving our products a good shake before use.

Do Løre products have an expiry date?

Our products feature complex formulas of both natural and laboratory created ingredients and tend to have a shorter shelf life than many other haircare brands. Please refer to the “Period After Opening” symbol on our product label as a guide to how long each product should be used for once they are opened. For more information on specific products please feel free to email us hello@loreoriginals.com

How can I see a full list of your product ingredients?

Every Løre product is labelled with a detailed ingredient list and on each individual product page on our website you can find a full technical breakdown of our ingredients. For any further specific enquiries please feel free to email us hello@loreoriginals.com

Do any Lore products contain micro beads?

None of our products contain the plastic microbeads that are commonly used for exfoliation. Our exfoliators are entirely natural and we either use magnesium rich salts or the extract from the Pricky Pear Cactus.

Why do Løre products contain silicones?

Over the years silicone has had some bad press but as with most things it is about taking a more intelligent view. Many of the hair products of the past were over loaded with cheap, non water soluble silicones which gave the temporary illusion of highly conditioned hair but ultimately weighed the hair down and caused long term dryness. However technology has moved on and Løre contains a highly researched and developed balance of all ingredients that we believe are beneficial to the hair and work in association with each other to maximise performance. Many of our products include a small percentage of advanced silicones as we have found that they are able to provide amazing conditioning benefits and can even assist in colour loss and curl retention without any of associated build up and heaviness of the past.

Does Løre contain Triclosan?

Lore products do not contain any Triclosan First made as a pesticide, triclosan has been around since the 1960s but in recent years has been used in many personal care toiletries due to its effective germ killing power. We simply do not like the idea of using this in our products.

Does Løre contain Sulfates/ Sulphates?

Also spelt as Sulphate this refers to the artificial foaming agents which are found in up to 90% of personal care products. Løre does not use any of these Sulfates in our products. Løre uses Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate which, although very close in name to Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is not related in any way. It is actually derived from coconut oil which is known to be a safe, natural, cleanser for both skin and hair. It gently but effectively removes surface oil, dirt and bacteria, without stripping or drying sensitive skin. It helps creates a rich foam and can also improve the suppleness and sheen of damaged hair; it is essentially a modified fatty acid. A little more information on Sulphates or Sulfates ……. Sulfate based shampoos are usually petroleum derived and do effectively clean the hair but they can also strip the sebum and essential oils which can lead to damage, colour fade and brittle hair as well as causing irritation for those with more sensitive scalps. In the 1970s, some shampoos used a different compound, ethanolamine lauryl sulfate, which did contain cancer-causing nitrosamines but today these compounds are banned from cosmetic products and the cancer concerns are no longer valid. However more recent reports have found that excessive use of sulfates has been linked to ecotoxicology (harm to the environment of a specific eco system) Løre products will never contain these ingredients.

Do Lore products contain Parabens?

Løre products do not contain any Parabens. Parabens are one of the most widely used and least allergenic and sensitizing preservatives currently in use for personal care products. All products need a preservative system of some description to avoid bacterial contamination over time but due to the complex and conflicting data regarding parabens we have chosen to exclude this from all of our products. There have been numerous studies that suggest a link between parabens, malignant tumours,and fertility issues but to date there is no definitive research that proves it has a direct causal effect. In the USA The FDA (Food and Drug administration) and the American Cancer Society both state that there is no evidence to prove a link between parabens and cancer but the European Union has recently introduced a limit to allowable concentrations of the ingredient. According to the regulatory bodies parabens are considered safe to use but while there is sufficient data to warrant concern we will continue to avoid its use.

Do Lore products contain MIT?

Lore products do not contain MIT Another commonly used preservative is MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) which effectively prevents bacteria growth in formulations. However due to the high exposure to the scalp through haircare, MIT in hair products had been known to damage skin cells, cause itching, flaking and soreness on the scalp. Unfortunately earlier laboratory tests with rats found that MIT caused significant damage to the brain cells after just 10 minutes of exposure, its not an ingredient that we would ever use.

Do Lore products contain Phathaltes?

All our formulations are free from phthalates, however the, fragrance does hold a trace amount as it is used a solvent for just one of our raw materials. Some recent studies have found a possible link between the use of Phathlates and conditions such as asthma, diabetes and behavioural issues but these studies have found it is Butyl Phthlate rather than the Di Ethyl Phtlate (DEP) that we use in our perfumery.

A recent statement from CosmeticsInfo.Org, “The safety of DEP is well supported among the scientific community. Recognized scientific experts and governmental agencies have concluded repeatedly that DEP is safe for use in cosmetics and personal care products as currently used. DEP has been reviewed by the CIR Expert Panel and the European Commission’s independent scientific expert committee (the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, SCCS, formerly known as the SCCNFP). Both scientific groups have positively affirmed the safe use of DEP in cosmetic products without restriction”.

Can I use Løre while I am pregnant?

We have developed Løre to be suitable for all hair types and for all people and to our knowledge there is no risk associated with using any Lore products as we instruct during pregnancy. However, the information that we provide is not intended to replace advice from your qualified medical practitioner and we would recommend that you speak with your obstetrician, doctor or dermatologist should you have any concerns.

What if I have an adverse reaction to Løre?

All cosmetic ingredients have the potential to irritate sensitive skin. Even when you have used a product happily for many years irritations can sometimes occur in the regular course of our daily lives. The trigger for a reaction can be unexpected and may not necessarily repeat itself in the same way. We do ask that you consider any changes to your regular routine that may have triggered the reaction (dietary, contact with possible allergens such as household cleaning liquids etc.).

In the unlikely event that you do experience an adverse reaction to any Løre product, please discontinue use and if and if necessary, consult your doctor to establish whether you have experienced a simple irritation or an allergy. Please feel free to return the item to the place of purchase and do not hesitate to contact us with the details of your reaction.

For any further specific enquiries please feel free to email us hello@loreoriginals.com


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