The Perfectly Imperfect Knot

This clever look is the perfect twist on the Low Pony and oozes ‘Effortless!’.

Step one: Apply Texture + Wave liberally onto Towel dried or Dry hair and blast through.

Step two: Lower your parting and sweep across your forehead pulling over the ear. Create a gap around the top of the ear letting it peep through. This will make the look less heavy.

Step three: Tie hair in a low pony but on the last pull through stop half way so the band halves your pony still leaving out the ends.

Step four: Add more Texture + Wave to the surface and using your finger tips massage your roots. This gritty texture will give contrast to the bling making it cool.

Go for it… Miss match and pile on the accessories, keeping them to one side and the back, you don’t want any symmetry.

Top Tip: Look through your jewellery box and see if you can add them to your hair.

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