Embellished Low Pony

Added a Gym workout before the Party and have no time to wash your hair? Or want a simple hair up? A low parting works great to add a touch of glamour and emphasise the accessories. A great look for day or night.

Step one: Freshen up your hair by applying Texture + Wave to dry hair. Your hair will instantly smell amazing. Blast some heat through to dry off. Just washed your hair? Apply Texture + Wave liberally from roots to ends and blast dry. This will give the perfect gritty up do texture.

Step two: Pull hair into a low pony. Wrap a section of hair around the band and add some party bling.

Step three: Go large. Don’t be afraid to add a statement accessory to your pony Texture + Wave is the perfect day to night product.

Top Tip: To save time, pull your hair into the low pony before work then just add more Texture + Wave to the surface, using your finger tips pull on the lower side to slightly dishevel the look.

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